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What Are Source, Form, And Redaction Criticism - 1940 Words

WEEK 2 TEXTBOOK QUESTIONS Pg. 110 1.) What are source, form, and redaction criticism? Source, form, and redaction criticism are scientific methods used in interpreting the texts of the Bible. They are methodological steps on a path to seeking the origin and provenance of the Biblical texts from about 1900 to 1975 (). 2.) How does each method work? Form criticism puts its focus on the period of oral tradition and sees the Bible as a collection of traditional stories and sayings which were spread from word of mouth and eventually preserved in writing. Source criticism is the quest for the earliest sources which lie behind a given biblical text. Redaction criticism is a study of the collection, orchestration, editing, and modification of Biblical sources, often used to recreate the community and purposes of the authors at that time. 3.) From an evangelical perspective, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each? Scholars use form criticism to deny Scripture and the form-critics have a bias against supernaturalism and believe that the miracles of Jesus were created. The German scholar Rudolf Bultmann believed that the Bible needed to be stripped of its miraculous accounts, and be â€Å"demythologized† in order to be accepted by modern society. A strength of form criticism that I see is the amount of proven accuracy that the Jewish scribes put in to writing their texts. The Old Testament text and the Dead Sea Scrolls were practically identical even though they wereShow MoreRelatedThe Synoptic Problem Essay1861 Words   |  8 Pages These resemblances and variations in the Gospels form the â€Å"Synoptic Problem†. The Synoptic problem is not a problem at all but is a method of looking at the similarities and differences between the gospels. In this paper the Synoptic Problem will be addressed from three different angles: form criticism, source criticism, redaction criticism and literary criticism. [1] Form Criticism Form criticism is a method of textual criticism, applied especially to the Bible, for tracing the originRead MoreThe Historical Critical Method Of Bible Interpretation1749 Words   |  7 Pagesthat the historical-critical method creates an environment of doubt and confusion. I will evaluate and review two articles that pertain to this subject, The Historical-Critical Method of Bible Interpretation written by Seigert W. Becker and Higher Criticism and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America written by Richard A. Krause. In addition, I will analyze Timothy Ward’s book Words of Life and Dr. Francis Martin’s contribution to Carl, Scott ed. Verbum Domini and the Complimentarity of ExegesisRead MoreThe Doctrine Of The New Testament929 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"As with Old Testament work, redaction accepts the principles and necessity of Source criticism and recognizes the importance stressed by Form critics of the oral period in which traditions about Jesus passed on in the church. However, it rejects the description of the synoptic gospels as mere collections and fragments (Oxford biblical studies).† That said, the synoptic gospels appear to be all on one accord in referenceRead MoreEssay on The Historical Critical Method2026 Words   |  9 PagesThe New Testament is now well over 1900 years old and for nearly the same period of time people have struggled for the right interpretation of that what was written in these 27 books and letters. How should one handle a book that is Gods Word? Before looking at the pro and contra of historical-critical exegesis it is necessary to define this method. One of the many textbooks teaching the historical-critical method Methodenlehre zum Neuen Testament by Wilhelm Egger method gives us this definitionRead MoreExegesis Paper : The Lord s Prayer1917 Words   |  8 Pagesher room and close the door to pray, which will allow the Father to hear them pray and He will reward it (Matthew 6:6). Matthew also states that one should not use a bunch of meaningless words to pray, such as the pagans do. The Father already knows what one needs, before he even prays for it, which infers that long and elaborate prayers are not necessary to try and impress God (Matthew 6:7-8). Following this passage, Matthew states that a disciple must forgive others of the wrongs that have beenRead MoreThe Origin Of The Torah1614 Words   |  7 PagesTorah, also known as the Pentateuch, meaning ‘instruction’, and is part of the Hebrew Bible, including the following five books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The Documentary Hypothesis questions the authority of the author and source of the Torah. The Documentary Hypothesis is also known as the Julius Wellhausen proposition. This theory essentially proposes the notion that the Torah was actually derived from at least four independent, original narratives that, when combined, makeRead MoreLiterary Criticism of Exegesis on Matthew 16: 13-19 A2553 Words   |  10 Pages Description: Exegesis on Matthew 16: 13-19 A. Literary Criticism Context. What follows and precedes your passage? Is your passage affected by this context? Matthew 16: 13-19 is where Jesus explains to the disciples for the first time that he is really the Messiah, which they had not known before, while Matthew had made his readers aware of the fact in the first chapter. Peter receives this knowledge as a revelation from God, which is why Jesus blesses him and commissions him as the new highRead MoreEssay on Encountering the Old Testament2615 Words   |  11 PagesTestament was an exciting theological and historical journey. (All Bible references in this paper come from the New King James Version of the Bible, except where clearly noted by the student). Chapter 1: What Is the Old Testament and Why Do We Study It? Canon: What is the Bible? The Bible is a collection of sixty six books; thirty nine in the Old Testament and twenty seven in the New Testament. But there are some sacred works that are not included in the Bible and the questions ofRead MoreThe Bible Is No Different1898 Words   |  8 Pagesworld often collaborate to create timeless pieces of art; the Bible is no different. The Documentary Hypothesis proposes this same ideology of the Bible. Past scholars have devoted countless years determining the origin or sacred text. This particular source critique aims to understand the theory of multiple authors and publications to comprise the Pentateuch, Torah, or Old Testament. In Recent Scholarship on the Pentateuch, some scholars struggle with the methodological question concerning whether theRead MoreThe Gospel According to Matthew Essay2877 Words   |  12 Pagescollector on the margin of the Jewish religion life get such an extensive education, why did an apostle and companion of Jesus not put forward and c laim to be personally involved in the events of Jesus life, why did he rely on Mark and Q as his written sources, rather than this person memory?† If this traditional credit of authorship to Matthew the apostle is rejected, then we must question who this Matthew was. Was he a missionary or was he the Patron to the author. Whatever the reason we have some knowledge

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Analysis Of The Book Face Of An Angel - 930 Words

Women are just as responsible as men for the sexist â€Å"macho† culture present in Latin families due to different reasons: women continue to educate their children with these same sexist ideas that they disagree with, they are also afraid to go against what the patriarchal society says, and they limit themselves to accept their sexist female roles and continue living under their â€Å"man’s† rules. The book Face of an Angel shows how Chavez gives her female perspective about the sexist environment in which females have lived in for several years. Even though the patriarchal model is present in many other cultures, the idea of a â€Å"macho† society is most often related to Latin American families. The basic idea of machismo comes from the patriarchal model which states that males are responsible for bringing the food to the table and females are left at home to take care of the children. This is just the beginning of a series of problems and abuses suffe red by many females in Latin America. It is important to clarify that women’s rights exist, the only problem is the lack of willingness to change. One of the main problems of a macho society is that males have extra benefits in contrast to females. For example: a man can drink in excess and come home late, also have multiple sexual partners, and work in any field they want without being scrutinized in the same fashion as their counterparts. Their goal is to seduce as many different women as possible in order to attain one and perhapsShow MoreRelatedDante Alighieri s Inferno, And The Book Of Revelation1584 Words   |  7 PagesDante Alighieri’s epic poem, Inferno, and the Book of Revelation as told by John in the Bible each regale the natural curiosity of humans involving manifestations of endings and possibilities of new beginnings in the afterlife. The purpose of informing God’s people of these manifestations and possibilities is mutual and key to the prepared ness of humans for life after death. Still, justice is surely delivered appropriately in Inferno and Revelation, due to God’s brilliant arrangements. DivergenceRead MoreFallen Angels Chacter analysis1133 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Character Analysis in Fallen Angels During war, many people change physically, mentally, and socially. War itself is disturbing to the mind. In Walter Dean Meyer’s Fallen Angels, the characters undergo many changes as they learn the true meaning of war. Perry, Peewee and Johnson all change in the sense of their personalities and their outlooks on life. In the beginning of the novel all the characters have very distinct characteristics. As the story progresses they start to see how war can haveRead MoreEssay on Satan, the Core of Milton ´s Paradise Lost1308 Words   |  6 Pageswritten in the classics. A literary criterion that is based on a protagonist, who undergoes conflict on the outside and from within and is prevented by a specific flaw to accomplish their main goal, creates an epic Hero. In Paradise Lost, God does not face conflict because he is perfect and all-knowing, and Adam’s conflict is not presented from the very start, Satan’s is. Because Satan is the main character of the work an d possesses qualities that would deem him heroic, such as his determination againstRead MoreReview Of The Better Angels Of Our Nature By Steven Pinker1262 Words   |  6 PagesMary Kaldor. In combination, these approaches provide a general summary of the major strains of â€Å"declinist† literature and demonstrate the challenges of assessing the changing political violence and armed conflict after the Cold War. In â€Å"The Better Angels of our Nature†, Steven Pinker claims that the decline of war since the 1990s is a continuation of a broader trend of declining violence since neolithic times. Accordingly, he claims that we are living in the â€Å"the most peaceable era in our species’Read More Analysis of Pauline Puyat’s Tracks ­ Essay583 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis of Pauline Puyat’s Tracks ­ One of the most striking characteristics of Pauline Puyat is her devout Catholicism and her desire to be disconnected from the Ojibwa people. Throughout Tracks, she openly chooses Catholicism over her native religion and abandons her native ways almost completely. When Pauline tries to help Fleur prevent a miscarriage, she is literally held back by her conscious separation from the Ojibwa culture. There are many things that Pauline fails toRead MoreSummary Of The Triptych Melencome, And Knight, Death And The Devil1537 Words   |  7 Pagesto the skull and hourglass, the object’s presence generates an atmosphere of ominous danger- pertaining to judgement day, from the rainbow’s pairing, in the book of revelations: â€Å"I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven†¦ with a rainbow over his head2: St. Jerome also represents an aspect of the last judgment, listening to an angel trumpeting the decree. The foreground (physical world), is cluttered with equipment for alchemy, geometry and carpentry which appear unused, around the broodingRead MoreA World Of Calamity, By Ross Gay883 Words   |  4 PagesRoss Gay’s book Against Which, portrays his poetry to readers allowing them to gain understanding of the cruel world that one lives in. Moreover, the unusual brutalities that people are inevitable confronted with in life. The common denom inators within Gay’s poems such as violence, love, fear, and loss allows the reader to visualize characters’ transformation within his poems. In a world of calamity, Gay has created poems that portray the corporal conforming to gender and sex but also human developmentRead MoreEssay about The Voice of the Chimney Sweepers1180 Words   |  5 PagesWilliam Blake (1757-1827) led a relatively happy life. At an early age, he claimed that he could see God, Angels, and other important Italian figures. Blake’s parents encouraged him to keep a record of all the masters he claimed to keep in contact with. Blake’s father, James Blake, gave him casts and engravings to keep this record. At the age of ten, Blake started at a drawing school named Henry Pars’ Drawing School. Three years later, he was apprenticed to a Master Engraver, James Basire. BlakeRead MoreReading Like A Writer By Francine Prose880 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Like most – maybe all – writers, I learned to write by writing and, by example, by reading books† - Francine Prose, Reading Like A Writer. In the New York Times bestseller Reading Like A Writer, Acclaimed American Author Francine Prose returns with potent insight and the works of the most superlative writers of our time, in this guide to mastering the art of writing through reading. Prose graduated from Radcliffe College in 1868 but had received most of her training through avidlyRead MoreThe Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel Hawthorne1422 Words   |  6 PagesThe Scarlet Letter, â€Å"Young Goodman Brown,† â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† and an abundant array of other books and short stories. The stories that are mentioned contain a copious amount of symbolism throughout the entirety of each book. All the stories that he ever wrote have an underlying meaning and the symbolism was hidden within in the names, characters, places, and actions that happened in the books and helped the readers to have a greater understanding about the Puritan lifestyle and the Bible.

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Social Work Free Essays

string(141) " completion of the social work major and completed two years of continuous full-time employment in a social work position under supervision\." Social work is a profession in which it is important to have a set of rules to follow while working with clients. In the social work field, the code of ethics, values and use of supervision are important keys in how licensed social workers should handle their clients’ private documents and other information in association with having skilled attitudes towards their work as well as in their personal life. The code of ethics is a set of rules set by the National Association of Social Workers made order for a social worker to follow while being a professional. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Work or any similar topic only for you Order Now These principles could also be considered universal in social work practice across the nation. Furthermore, these principles are further explain the six core values that licensed professional social workers understand must be upheld daily in their career. According to NASW (1996), the six core values are service, social justice, dignity and worth of the individual, importance and centrality of human relationships, integrity and competence (NASW, 1996). The value of service highlights the ethical principle of serving the community by addressing social issues that may be seen in certain communities. An example of service while being a social worker would be to helpa client who may be homeless find resources to enable him or her to get back on their feet. This could entail assisting the client with being put on the Housing Authority waiting list. The value of social justice is in relation to being an advocate for a client who may be treating unfairly and getting them into a situation in which he or she may have equal rights as others do. As a professional social worker, I feel like that it is only right to be a part of at least one organization that would assist me in learning how to take be an advocate and stand up against various laws that can work against the progression of the community that I may be serving as a professional social worker. By joining educational organizations, I won’t just be able to join in activities that would educate and bring awareness to such issues but I would also be building my continuing education that a social worker take part in. The ethical principle defined by the National Association of Social Workers, for dignity and worth of the person is being able to respect clients no matter his or her situation. I believe that this is important as a social worker because this will help in growing trust and a relationship with the client. This shows a client that just because they are the ones needing help that they will still be treated with dignity and respect. By being polite and treating them as a person and not as someone who is looked at as being a bad person would open the door for more opportunities and resources that could be beneficial to the well-being of the client and situation. The importance of human relationships as an ethical principle is understanding that relationships are important while being a professional. This would help the client in building new relationships and build a social worker’s expertise to be able to work more effectively with their clientele. Human relationships allow a person to be able to bond more. Integrity and competence is a social worker understanding that he or she must act in a professional way and continue learning daily. As a licensed social worker and student, I am expected to become educated through professional development workshops. Within the State of Alabama, a social worker is to maintain these core values and ethical standards while practicing in the field. The use of supervision is not only an obligation but it is quite beneficial to a licensed social worker. In order for a social worker to keep his or her license, he or she must undergo hours of required supervision. Supervision is beneficial in that it assist a social worker in their ethical conduct. Under State of Alabama laws, a social worker would have to experience a minimum of 4 hours monthly for a continuous period of 24 months within a 36 month timeframe. Supervision would occur starting with having an occupation. Supervision is only completed by licensed professionals who are qualified as a Licensed Master Social Worker or Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. The first requirement of supervision is for a Licensed Bachelor Social Worker. If a social worker decides to no longer practice in a specific area, then he or she must complete a minimum of 4 hours monthly for a period of 6 months. Supervision is discontinued upon records and a contract is signed stating the type of supervision and conditions. Social Work Licensure and LawsWhile researching Social Work Licensure and Laws, I learned more about how the state of Alabama follows a standard guideline for the licensure and laws of social work. According to to the Alabama Legislature (1977), Title 34 Section 30 states that a person is not able to give themselves the title or practice social work unless they have been licensed and passed the social work exam (Alabama Legislature, 1977). In order to apply to take the exam, a candidate must be a graduate of an accredited BSW or MSW educational program. The applicant must be 19 years of age, have paid the initial examination fee of $250, passed the examination, signed a notarized statement and sworn of the professional code, and meet any additional requirements based on the level of licensure. In the state of Alabama, there are three types of licensure that are given to those who meet the above requirements. A person can be licensed as a Bachelor Social Worker, Master Social Worker, or an Independent Clinical Social Worker. In order to receive a license for BSW, a person has to have a bachelor degree from an accredited college or university. Furthermore, a person has to show that he or she has a completion of the social work major and completed two years of continuous full-time employment in a social work position under supervision. You read "Social Work" in category "Papers" If a person does not have a Bachelors in social work, a person who has a Bachelor’s in a related field, such as sociology, rehabilitation counseling, psychology and guidance counseling is eligible to apply for a MSW program or have a social worker job but will not be titled a social worker. In order to receive an LMSW, a person must have completed the Master or Doctorate of Social Work from an accredited or approved college or university. An exclusion to this requirement is a person who has candidacy that is granted by the Council on Social Work Education. After I graduate with my MSW, I will be seeking my LMSW. I believe that by going further in my education will not only make me more marketable in the social work field, but it will allow me to be more knowledgeable as how to work with clients. To become a LICSW, a person would need either a master’s or doctorate of Social Work. A person would also need at least two years of supervision by after graduation, and be a U.S. citizen with appropriate documentation. When and if a person is issued a license from another state, he or she would be required to meet state requirements if qualifications from the other state are not equal to the qualifications of Alabama. However, this is with the exception that the application fee and exam has not been paid or passed. Those persons who are seeking exemption from the Board’s examination must meet all qualifications for that specific license and also have completed six years of continuous supervised full-time employment approved by the Board or seven years of continuous full-time employment with a public agency on or before May 1, 1977. In the State of Alabama, a social work license must be renewed every 2 years. The fee for a license renewal is $100. If applicant fails to renew within a 60-day time frame of the expiration date, then the license is either terminated or suspended. Per state of Alabama law, any licensed professional who is actively practicing social work cannot be denied for license renewal. If the applicant would like to remain inactive, then that person may write a request to the Board Examiners to be placed on the inactive list.Social Work Practice Stages The Social Work practice stages are also known as the Generalist Intervention Model (GIM). According to Miller, Tice and Hall (2008), the Generalist Intervention Model is a method of practice that integrates casework, group work, and community organization, and focuses on the interaction between persons and their environments (Miller, Tice and Hall, 2008). The GIM uses engagement, assessment, intervention planning and implementation, evaluation and termination as a way to better assist clients to planned change. An example of utilizing the GIM would be first greeting and welcoming the client. For the purposes of this assignment, we will call the client- Client A. Client A is a female coming to a social worker in efforts of having planned change from her addiction of abusing alcohol. In efforts of demonstrating engagement, the social worker would use proper body language to show that he or she is listening to the client, using appropriate hand gestures and making good eye contact. The social worker would ask Client A to tell her what she thinks her needs are and what resources in the community may be beneficial to assisting her with changing. This would allow Client A to provide detailed information about her current situation and what she thinks about her surroundings. It is important for the social worker to take notes to assist Client A after the initial meeting. However, before taking notes, the social worker should ask Client A for their consent before taking notes. After asking open-ended questions through engagement, the social worker should go over with Client A how the social service agency works and the services that we will provided. Any questions that may be asked of Client A will assist the social worker with assessing Client A’s needs. During the assessment portion, the social worker should assess Client A’s mental/emotional state, appearance/ mobility, ability to perform her activities of daily living, her environment, health, economic status, education status and transportation needs. The social worker could utilize the tool of an Ecomap to assist her in assessing Client A’s needs. For planning and implementation, the social worker should work with Client A regarding a plan that is real and attainable. Client A must believe that the plan will work and must desire to reach goals that will be made together with the social worker. The social worker should prioritize the importance of change and helping Client A understand that change is a good thing. The social worker should assist Client A in understanding how this could benefit her socially. Once the goals are established, the social worker should address the objectives of each task given and how to proceed with actions towards those goals. Since client A is struggling with alcohol abuse, the social work should assist Client A with establishing the goal of: Lessening her urge to drink alcohol. The objective would be for her go to an Alcoholic’s Anonymous support group once a week for 6 weeks. The social worker will encourage Client A to keep a journal of her progress and Client A must write in her journal after each support group session and describe her experience. This will assist Client A as well as the social worker in understanding her growth.As a form of evaluation, the social worker will obtain Client A’s journal that she has been writing her experience in and Client A will also complete a questionnaire on her progress. Client A would complete the questionnaire two weeks before her last appointment. The questionnaire would ask her about how she thinks she has progressed, services that were rendered, and about the social worker’s expertise. Once she has successfully completed her goal, the social worker will talk with Client A about termination two weeks after the last meeting. During this, the social worker will also discuss with Client A her progression. The social worker should encourage Client A to continue with the progress she has made. If needed, the social worker should refer Client A to additional services that may be beneficial to other issues that she may face following termination. It is important for the social worker to follow-up with Client A once services are terminated. Follow-up can help Client A from relapsing or even coming back for services. However, the social worker should give Client A the phone number to the agency in case services may be needed again.Intervention and Developmental Theories for Direct Practice with Individuals, Families and GroupsThere are several theories that are used to explain the behaviors of an individual, and has provided the framework for various models and interventions. One theory that can be utilized is Conflict Theory. Conflict Theory focuses on the structure in an individual’s life. This theory would showcase issues that could have occurred through a power struggle between family members or friends as well as in various stages of the individual’s life. The conflict theory would then consider the familial structure, and if there is a continuous cycle that may be from the past. There is also the Systems Theory. According to Gibson (2016), Systems theory, also called social systems theory, in social science, is the study of society as a complex arrangement of elements, including individuals and their beliefs, as they relate to a whole (Gibson, 2016). The Systems Theory would show how the individual interacts with others and if there is any correlation between the influences in the client’s life and their behavior. The last theory is practice models that focuses on creating an intervention through consultation and assessment of the individual. There are an array of interventions that may be completed, such as the Solution-Focused model, Crisis model, Task-centered model, and the Problem-solving model. The practice models would require more interaction with the client. Life stages would play an important role in each model especially when it comes to understanding what to focus on and what not to focus on. For example, a 50 year old is not at the same stage as a 20 year old because the 50 year old is more experienced with life. Therefore, it is key that the social worker understand this before using the practice models. Diversity/ Social Justice/ Advocacy/ Rural and Urban Communities Diversity, social justice, advocacy for rural and urban communities are at the core of social work. I believe that diversity is more important in urban communities rather than rural communities because individuals are looking for employment and better opportunity for school, homes, and the quality in urban areas. As a social worker working mostly with the older adult population, I work in both urban and rural areas. I observed that the services are limited in rural areas and is especially harder for my clientele to receive the necessary resources, such as transportation to and from their doctor’s appointments. I observed that there is a need for more rural social workers to assist clients in obtaining more resources to a better quality of life. Social justice in both rural and urban communities is beneficial as there are most likely political and social issues faced by persons who live there. Some people in rural areas may not even have an opportunity for their social injustice issues to be addressed due the scarcity of resources. As a social worker, it is important to be an advocate for those who may not be heard. Advocacy for rural and urban communities varies due to the resources that the community may be lacking. Sometimes a social worker will have to be an advocate for those living in a rural area for there to be more resources, such as additional transportation for the aging to be able to get to their doctor’s appointments that are located in urban communities. The lack of services delays certain individuals from getting the appropriate assistance, and as a result can place the community in a mentality that they are not able to be helped and their voices will never be heard. Policy and Policy Analysis Policy and policy analysis refers to the guidelines that are set to uphold the welfare and good of the clients. Policies are ever-changing and revised in accordance with time. An analysis is completed before a policy is written. The analysis helps in the development of the policy that is brought forth through careful research, surveys, case studies and other tools. It is crucial to have an analysis completed because it provides a thorough evaluation of any revisions or changes that need to be made. It also shows how useful the policy is to the population that is should protect. Understanding the efficiency and the worth of a policy helps lawmakers and other important decision makers. Research, Program Evaluation/Needs Assessment Research, program evaluation, and needs assessment are mainly targeted, not at the needs of one client, but of a client base. A single subject design is conducted for understanding the needs of an individual. In order to conduct research on a specific group of people, there must be an Institutional Review Board. The IRB is also known as a human subject committee is used to oversee research to ensure that it is following the proper guidelines set forth to be able to conduct the research. According to Royse, Thyer, and Padgett (2016) the guidelines include: the research participants must be volunteers, the participants should be given sufficient information about the study to determine possible risks or discomforts as well as benefits, no harm shall result from the study, and sensitive information should remain protected (Royse, Thyer and Padgett , 2016, pp. 45-46). According to Royse, Thyer and Padgett (2016) A program evaluation is conducted to understand if the services are really helping the clients that they are intended to serve (Royse, Thyer and Padgett , 2016, p. During this process, information is gathered to see if the social worker and/or agency are the best fit for the client.According to Royse, Thyer and Padgett (2016), The mission of program evaluation in social work is to provide information that can be used to improve social programs (Royse, Thyer and Padgett , 2016, p. Evaluation can range from a series of open-ended questions to observation of the client base in various environments.According to Royse, Thyer and Padgett (2016), Needs assessment are attempts to identify and document unmet needs, gaps in services, or problems in a community (Royse, Thyer and Padgett, 2016, p. 6 The assessment used would be dependent on how severe the clients’ needs are and the type of resources that can be used to assist the clients.The individual conducting the needs assessment can utilize tools, such as surveys, personal interviews, focus groups and etc. to perform a needs assessment. How to cite Social Work, Papers Social Work Free Essays Social work Free Essays Social work is a calling which pushes social change and critical thinking in human connections and the strengthening and liberation of individuals to upgrade wellbeing. Using speculations of human conduct and social frameworks, social work intercedes at the point where individuals cooperate with their surroundings. Standards of human rights and social equity are key to social work. We will write a custom essay sample on Social work or any similar topic only for you Order Now Social work is perceived as an expert calling with a maintainable all Inclusive worth, asters and information establishment. Over numerous years the social work administrations have given these offices to powerless people which have then empowered the achievement of future eras, transforming undermined broken parts of pop culture Into decently adjusted, utilitarian upbeat Individuals. Social laborers likewise have a basic part In working with people, helping them In taking more control of their lives Just where It Is substantial and suitable. A social laborer today, ought to be in a perfect world certain, skilled, persevering experts, working nearly in with the administration client, interfaced laborers and other included experts, to help the administration clients attain their objectives in their lives. The primary obligation of the social laborer is to secure the welfare and wellbeing of kids and powerless grown-ups and mental wellbeing administration clients in the groups. A social laborer should subsequently adjust a comprehensive theology, which intends to completely comprehend and be mindful of whole history and circumstance of the potential administration client/families. Creating a successful vital strategy in helping association with the administration clients, is greatly central to the part, for a finer result. A Social laborer should additionally comprehend and polish the impact of attempting to target time, Join connected learning of the circumstances, aptitudes, worth and likewise show sympathy. How to cite Social work, Papers

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operations management Essay Summary Example For Students

operations management Essay Summary Chapter 3Jaime MualimProduct design is the process of defining all of the products characteristics, such as its appearance, the materials it is made of, its dimensions and tolerances, and its performance standards. Service design is the process of establishing all the characteristics of the service, including physical, sensual, and psychological benefits. There are four steps in product design: 1. Idea Development, 2.Product Screening, 3. Preliminary Design and testing, and 4.Final Design. Break-even analysis is a technique used to compute the amount of goods we would have to sell just to cover our cost. Production Processes can be divided into two broad categories: intermittent and continuous operations. Intermittent operations are used when products with different characteristics are being produced in smaller volumes. Continuous operations are used when one or a few similar products are produced in high volumes. Intermittent operations provide great flexibility but have a high material handling costs and challenges scheduling resources. Continuous operations are highly efficient but inflexible. Product design and process selection decisions are linked. The type of operation a company has in place is defined by the product the company produces. The type of operation then affects other organizational decisions. A process flowchart is used for viewing the flow of the processes involved in producing the product. It is a very useful tool for seeing to totality of the operation and for identifying potential problem areas. Different types of technologies can significantly enhance product and process design. These include automation, computer aided design, numerically controlled equipment etc. Designing services has a few more complexities then manufacturing, because services produce an intangible product and typically have a high degree of customer contact. Different service designs include substituting technology for people, getting the customer involved, and the high customer attention approach.

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North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell Essay Example

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell Paper Throughout North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell portrays the relationships between various characters on either sides of the evident class dichotomy that exists all through the novel. Gaskell uses various individuals to portray different opinions and perspectives of this divide. Thereby presenting similarities and differences through common ground and differing views on the many issues on display within the novel itself. Elizabeth uses the individuals to transmute one anothers perceptions or indeed misconceptions of each other in ways that shall be explained. One can initially point to Margaret as an individual who is used to negotiate the class divide throughout the opening chapters of North and South. The title itself and the change of title from Margaret Hale to North and South shows the importance of the heroine, Margaret in breaking the divide between North and South. In Chapter One Margaret begins as a member of Shaw household, an upper middle-class family then progresses to the Hales, her true parents who are lower in social status and wealth. This shows the nature of Margarets character early on and how she shall in time progress further and negotiate between classes in greater depth. This continues immediately with her new life in Milton, upon where she sees a mill worker savagely beaten for little conceivable reason. This highlights Gaskells aim in using Elizabeth to create a degree of sympathy for the demonised militant working-classes of the industrial era. This can be seen to an even greater extent with the relationship struck up by Margaret with Higgins and her resultant friendship with Bessy. We will write a custom essay sample on North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Indeed, this is a relationship stuck up by Margaret; showing her empathetic roots and wish to cross the evident class divide. We see that Margaret asks Bessy May I go with you and truly cares about what kind of life have you [Bessy] led? This all occurs during the opening chapters, creating a perception of Margaret as a character who wishes to find common ground between classes through relationships forged; thus crossing class boundaries. Mr Thornton is another individual whos relationships with others and those of other classes are telling and in many ways cross the divide more inherently than Margaret. The reason for this lies within Mr Thorntons working-class background and his rather meteoric rise to wealth, thus climbing the ladder of social status. Whilst he may be seen by many as a typical mill owner, treating his workers with a fist of iron, the importance of his character is evident. He has shown that money can allow one to transcend all notions of class as Mr Thornton now entertains the Mayor and important officials from London. Indeed later in the book Bessy was surprised that the educated and sophisticated Hales had been invited to the Thorntons household as she states to Margaret, beggin yo pardon, yo not got much money. However this may be an attitude more prevalent in the north of England and Milton, where money seemed to be valued above all. Thus highlighting the inherent split explained by the title itself, between North and South. This contrast can also be seen in the way in which servants are treated in the North and South. Indeed, the Hales have a perceived southern perspective and treat Dixon with respect and allow her freedom to choose her own staff and run the household. This relationship was greatly frowned upon by Mrs Thornton who observed your servant isnt busy enough Mrs Hale. This highlights the difference between classes and the way in which these differences are approached by different people. Whilst the Hales whose reputation was established through right of birth, the Thorntons worked for their money and rose from humble beginnings to a newly created class of the neauvou-riche. This phenomenon was far more prevalent in the industrial town and mills of the North rather than the more established industries of the south where class was a much more fixed and deep seated issue. However it appears that Mrs Thorntons humble beginnings have led her to be more disdainful of those socially below her than the Hales. She snapped at her maid and gave a scornful look. Mr Hale too can be seen to treat the mill workers in a similar fashion, I need to work them hard, they deserve to more. It is consequently clear that whilst the class divide is acknowledged and largely adhered to by both the Hales and the Thorntons (with the exception of Margaret), the Thorntons appear much more rigid in their beliefs. In conclusion it is apparent that Gaskell negotiates the relationships between classes and individuals in the opening chapters of the novel by addressing the key dichotomy and the different attitudes to it. The opening chapters can be seen to show a plethora of contrasting beliefs and actions, serving to highlight the evident class dichotomy. It is also evident that Margaret as a character is being used to find similarities and develop positive relationships between classes as she does with the Higgins. Quite contrary to this is the attitude of Mr Thornton and his mother for the opening chapters and this relationship shows the difference between attitudes of the North and South. Indeed, one may argue that whilst the Thorntons have wealth and social status, they do not have class, thus they can never truly fit into the aristocratic society they evidently crave.

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Free Essays on Pygmalion Effect

Most people have heard about the Pygmalion effect, or the possibilities of effecting ones behavior by your belief in their ability. This is also known as the self fulfilling prophecy (Digest, 2003) the effect was highlighted in the play â€Å"My Fair Lady,† this was where Eliza Doolittle’s success was enhanced by Professor Higgins belief in her ability. Is it possible to affect one’s behavior by your belief in their ability, or is this just fallacy? During everyday life this theory might not be recognizable; to the average person it might not even be important. But what happens when the person effecting behavior is in the position of authority? What say a teacher, how would their opinion affect the performance of a student. Just for a moment think about the first day of a new semester, a group of students enter the room. The group consists of black, fat, skinny and white students; some are what you might call beautiful, some ugly with acne. Also mixed in with the group are the usual jocks (sport motivated) and the young teenage girls that spend their free time with daddies BMW whopping it up at the mall. At the end of the line arrive the poor, lower class students whose parents are unemployed, dad just lost his job at the mill type. You stand at the front of the classroom surveying the new recruits. Would you categorize these students, judge them in anyway? Or would you look freely across the room without any pre-judgment? Teachers all over the world encounter this problem everyday. Take the fat black student, he sits in class everyday, never takes a note and scores a 100% on the first test. What is your first reaction? Do you congratulate him, or do you try and remember who he was sitting next to? Conversely when the handsome upper class student scores 100%, is your reaction the same or different? We categorize people everyday. America is one of many countries where success is directly related to the amount of worldly poss... Free Essays on Pygmalion Effect Free Essays on Pygmalion Effect Most people have heard about the Pygmalion effect, or the possibilities of effecting ones behavior by your belief in their ability. This is also known as the self fulfilling prophecy (Digest, 2003) the effect was highlighted in the play â€Å"My Fair Lady,† this was where Eliza Doolittle’s success was enhanced by Professor Higgins belief in her ability. Is it possible to affect one’s behavior by your belief in their ability, or is this just fallacy? During everyday life this theory might not be recognizable; to the average person it might not even be important. But what happens when the person effecting behavior is in the position of authority? What say a teacher, how would their opinion affect the performance of a student. Just for a moment think about the first day of a new semester, a group of students enter the room. The group consists of black, fat, skinny and white students; some are what you might call beautiful, some ugly with acne. Also mixed in with the group are the usual jocks (sport motivated) and the young teenage girls that spend their free time with daddies BMW whopping it up at the mall. At the end of the line arrive the poor, lower class students whose parents are unemployed, dad just lost his job at the mill type. You stand at the front of the classroom surveying the new recruits. Would you categorize these students, judge them in anyway? Or would you look freely across the room without any pre-judgment? Teachers all over the world encounter this problem everyday. Take the fat black student, he sits in class everyday, never takes a note and scores a 100% on the first test. What is your first reaction? Do you congratulate him, or do you try and remember who he was sitting next to? Conversely when the handsome upper class student scores 100%, is your reaction the same or different? We categorize people everyday. America is one of many countries where success is directly related to the amount of worldly poss...

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Integrated Interiors Ltd Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Integrated Interiors Ltd - Research Paper Example The key issues that Mary faces as the Managing Director of Integrated Interiors Ltd such as: regarding dissatisfaction of customers, lack of Information, outdated computer based SFA system and irregular and occasional training sessions, have been identified and analysed in the report. Appropriate suggestions, for addressing the issues, have also been endorsed in the report apart from an explanation of the outcomes expected as well as offering a specific plan of action. Part 1: Expected Profile of the Candidate for GSM Experience: The prospective candidate for General Sales Manager (GSM) must have a minimum of three years experience in sales and marketing in a similar organisation. Besides, the candidate should possess experience in making appropriate sales plans and implementing them. He or she must also be conversant with reporting on marketing and sales activities besides organising and coordinating the day to day sales activities. The incumbent also needs to have an understanding of various policies that a company may incorporate in its activities for promoting sales and ensuring customer satisfaction. He or she also needs to be well versed with customer relationship management, public relations and other sales related liaison work. The GSM will have to shoulder â€Å"a range of diverse tasks, including managing a sales pipeline, coaching their team, forecasting, hiring new sales representatives, strategic planning, and sales administration† (Sales Coaching for Improvement Performance: Turning Sales Managers into Great Coaches 2010). Besides, it is also desirable that the candidate possesses some background experience in contract management as this will help him independently negotiate and manage the contract and the company. Qualifications: The candidate is expected to possess some knowledge in Interior Designing, engineering, materials, dimensions, color, etc. The position demands a combination of engineering as well as management education and skil ls. Thus, the ideal candidate will be a B. Tech in Architecture or Interior Designing with an MBA degree in marketing and sales. Additional technical qualifications such as Auto Cad 3D Studio and other designing tools will be desirable qualifications, but not mandatory. Skills Sets: The candidate is expected to possess appropriate skill sets both in engineering as well as management fields. The GSM should have necessary skills to build up a sales strategy and business plan for the market that guarantees accomplishment of company sales objectives and profitability. The candidate should possess excellent consumer service skills and leadership skills. Besides, he or she needs to be a motivated and expert team player, delivering business standards. The incumbent should also possess excellent oral and written communication as well as presentation skills apart from the contract negotiation skills. It will also be desirable if the incumbent has attended a short term course that â€Å"inco rporates live negotiations and case analyses as an effective way to apply the most recent psychological and economic research on how to sharpen skills in decision making and negotiation† (Negotiation and Decision Making Strategies 2012). Generates Sales and Profits: The incumbent must have relevant skills to generate sales and profits through